A burl is a rounded knotty growth on a tree, giving an attractive figure when polished and used especially for handcrafted objects and furniture.
Gary Frischmann
Gary Frischmann, who owns and operates, Western Wood L.L.C., is the creator of our beautiful burlwood coffee tables, end tables, display stands and other furnishings and are exclusively sold here at Native Traditions Gallery. Burlwood is considered a rare and exotic wood and has the greatest concentration of tiger striping, birdseyes and other beautiful wood grain patterns that are highly prized. Most of the burl used comes from the root of the tree.  The stumps are obtained when they are no longer producing new growth and have been dug out to make way for roads, homes or other agricultural commodities. Redwood burl is extremely rare. Only one in a thousand redwood trees will have a root crown burl or even rarer, an above ground burl.  A lovely piece of Western Wood furniture will totally transform a room with it’s beautiful organic look and is a treasure to own.  
Amethyst stain on maple burlCalifornia Buckeye burl on oak displayCalifornia buckeye burl on oak root
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